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£ 25.00

1 to 1 Training

Personal training 1 to 1, in a private gym with Angie. Angie is a Level 4 Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She specialises in Strength and Conditioning, level 3. She is a level 4 Nutritionist and has over 20 years experience with working with women to lose fat and gain muscle. She is qualified in Zumba, Strength and Conditioning and Spinning. She is also a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and trained with Professor Martin Dell from Isle of Wight Submission Grappling and BJJ Academy Sandown. She is the owner of Velocity Fitness and offers Personal Training Sessions in her unique private gym. The gym is completely private. Not like other Personal Trainers who train you in a commercial gym. Angie has a no nonsense attitude that will get you results in her classes and in these personal sessions and is always on hand to offer advice about nutrition. Nutrition plans are available for fat loss, but she prefers to teach you about Calories and Macros, to change your body composition and lose fat. Her favorite quote of all time 'IF SIZE MATTERED, THE ELEPHANT WOULD BE KING OF THE JUNGLE' Her Favorite saying ' SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP' 😉