Women’s Powerlifting

Powerlifting usually takes place during our Functional Fitness classes. Keep an eye out for specific classes coming soon. Please send us a message for further information.

Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three main compound moves, Squat, Deadlifting and Bench Press.

This is an Olympic Sport which is achievable in smaller gyms, like ours.

As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, it involves the athlete attempting a maximum weight effort on each of the above, Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press.

Competitions take place across the UK at amateur level, which we can assist with you.

We will teach you a variety of speed work and velocity based training to train with maximum acceleration of sub-maximal weights.

We use techniques to increase your power and strength to increase your one max rep in each of the above areas.

A common set up we use is 5 x 5 training and 5,3,1. We work out your percentage of one max rep and work weekly around your 75% of that weight. We will test your one max rep periodically to show an increase in strength.

Powerlifting strengthens bones, which is essential in women as we get older. It lowers the risk of Osteoarthritis which is know to affect women, especially around menopause. You will have a lower risk of injury and fractures and it strengthens the spinal cord which will improve posture. You will see an increase in muscle mass which in turn will change your physique and a reduction in fat.

We teach you the correct and safe way to lift these weights. You will leave feeling strong and accomplished.

You will be added to our Women’s Powerlifting board with your maximum lifts, to remind yourself of your achievements.


Your hips hinge backward to lower down to the bar. You pick up the weighted bar from the floor until you are standing straight. Your back is flat throughout the movement. It is lifted with no momentum, giving the exercise it’s name.


The Squat is strength exercise where by you lower your hips from a standing position and then stand back up again with a weighted bar.

During the decent the hips and knee joints flex while the anklet joint dorsiflexis. This is how your knees go over your toes.

Squating is known to increase a small amount of Testosterone into the body, which women are slightly lacking in, in comparison to our counterpart. Squating increased muscle mass and burns fat with a healthy diet.

Bench Press

The Bench Press is another compound move that engages all muscle groups, but mostly targets the upper body. It involves lying on a bench and pressing weight upwards away from your chest using a barbell. During the bench press you lower the weighted bar to your chest and press upwards whilst extending your arms. The bench press builds muscles in the chest, arms and shoulders. it increases upper body strength which is usually lacking in females.